What People Are Saying...

"I have a 14 year old pekingese who was having a lot of issues with getting him on a good food that was easy to digest and didn't cause intestinal problems. Even using all natural foods I was still having issues. After putting him and my other 2 dogs on GemPals, I noticed amazing results from my 3 dogs. They had more energy, their coats became shiny, and no upset tummies. For the short time in between delivery I had to put them back on their other food again. Even with mixing it with the Gempals, their tummies all became very upset. Now back on Gempals the difference is phenomenal. I will never switch from Gempals again. My dogs love it and it shows in their health as well."

- Rhonda, Coquitlam BC

"The food is great! I find that Titans stool has been better and less runny plus he seems healthier!"

- John Bruno, Burnaby BC

"Thanks to GemPals, I have a healthy, happy dog... and the home delivery service is awesome!"

- Pamela and Jack